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Game Sampler

The Game Sampler is a portable device created to sample and download codes from Game Cubes. It was developed by Hue Branch and the Tech Boys in Mainframe. Phong believed that it could be used to build up a library of Game codes that could be used in the lab to attempt to de-nullify sprites that have been nullified in Games. The Sampler was portable, about two and a half feet tall, and a foot wide, and has a retractable strap on it so that it can be carried on a persons back.

Downloading Game Codes

Game Sampler progress bar

The Sampler was used once, in the Rocky The Rabid Raccoon 2 Game. Phong had Hack and Slash bring the Sampler into the Game and AndrAIa and Phong took it to the Cubes outer wall. They set it up next to the wall and pressed the red button on the top to activate it. Several long tubes shoot out of the device and attached to the Cubes outer wall. They began downloading codes from the Game and storing them in the device. The red lines on the top of the Sampler show a progress bar on the download. It takes some time for the Sampler to download the information from the Game. The sampler is automatic and can be left alone for the remainder of the Game. If the Game would end before the Sampler is finished, the information would be incomplete. (Life's a Glitch)

It is unknown if the Game Sampler has produced any success in the lab at de-nullifying sprites.