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Game Cube Leaving System

Game Hopping is when a data being enters a Game Cube and chooses to leave with it, making it one of the most unorthodox methods of traveling around the Net. It is only considered in times of desperation, usually when the characters fail to win a Game. While inside the Game any Sprite or Binome is practically invulnerable to all dangers, except that within the Cube itself. Game Hopping is not recommended as once the icon is changed to Game Sprite mode, win or lose the person is trapped and will leave to an unknown destination. Unlike a Portal or Gateway Command these destinations are random. They will remain inside the Game indefinitely, until their icon is switched back into normal mode.

Switching Icon to Game Sprite Mode

Obviously, there are implications when using this undesirable form of transport. As the outer walls cannot be breached there is no way to know which system the Game Cube has currently docked into. The travelers need to beat the User who has downloaded it to find out. Also in order to leave the Cube they absolutely must win, otherwise those persons would simply be nullified in whichever system the Game was lost in.

As if the dangers of Game-reality and Game Sprites aren't enough, the person risks being lost endlessly cycling around closed/off-line systems without ever finding a system with ports to the Net again. They may even be unwittingly entering hostile or a crashing system while seeking sanctuary, therefore game hopping is inadvisable.

Enzo and AndrAIa played against the User in the Gods, Mortals, and Demons Game and found to their horror they were too young to win.

Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket becoming Game Energy

They had no choice but to leave with the Game rather than be nullified along with the empty sector in Baudway. (Game Over)

While Game hopping Matrix and AndrAIa physically matured until coming across a Desert Port System. Turbo later revealed to the renegade they aged much faster simply because Game-time is accelerated. (The Episode With No Name)

When Daemon threatened to take over Mainframe, Dot Matrix had no choice but to ask Little Enzo to enter a Game Cube and remain inside until he compiled up. She knew nothing could breach a Cubes outer wall, she believed not even Daemon's infection could get inside a landed Cube. This was Dot's plan B, plan A being to try and destroy Daemon when she arrived in Mainframe by using her father's Gateway Command. (Sacrifice) Both plans would fall through, however, both when Daemon prematurely infected Mainframe before passing through the Gateway Command, and when Little Enzo decided to remain in Mainframe after winning the Game. It would later be shown that even if he went with the game, the entire net would have been destroyed before he returned due to Daemon's Cron virus nature, therefore leaving no system left for a game to upload to.