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Gabby is a one binome living in a Damaged System. She is a writer, and carries an organizer to record things she encounters. When Matrix and AndrAIa are downloaded into the system in a Game Cube, they offer to train some of the city's inhabitants so that the Cubes won't cause more damage. Gabby volunteered because she wanted to chronicle the adventures of the greatest hero this system had ever seen. Matrix said he didn't want anyone writing about him. Gabby said she didn't mean him, she wanted to write about AndrAIa. Gabby goes into the Kron the Destroyer Game with them and did very well helping to win the Game. She rebooted as a warrior, and took the "team name" Tweak. The other volunteers were Barry, Hardboot, Jeff, and Backup. Through their efforts the system began to repair itself, allowing for its inhabitants to rebuild.(Icons)


  • Gabby's name may be a reference to Gabrielle from "Xena: Warrior Princess," who followed Xena and wrote about her adventures. In the game AndrAIa's outfit is similar to Xena's. When Gabby reboots, her outfit and hair are similar to Gabrielle's. She is also armed with Gabrielle's fighting staff.