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Welcome everyone to the ReBoot Wiki. I hope you all enjoy the site and decide to join. Please help us make this site the best ReBoot site on the internet. --Phong 15:59, 4 February 2008 (UTC)

We would like to welcome all ReBoot fans to our new community forum at for an ongoing discussion on the shows past, present and future. --0utsource

The official Season 4 ReBoot website links used by the wiki in most articles no longer work. The official website still works under this link though

I LOOOVED this show when I was a kid. Anyone know where I can get episodes? Inund8 07:51, 13 March 2008 (UTC)

Sooooo, the forum is just an edit page? In anycase, I loved the series, I just wish it didn't end so suddenly and no closure. :( Did they ever have any plans to tell what happens at the end?

They are currently doing a ReBoot Revival that will continue the stories. Go to the Reboot Links page and use the ReBoot Revival link. --Phong 14:14, 8 April 2008 (UTC)

I found a page on the web that has ReBoot. It's Reboot Season 1-4 . I know the quality sucks, but it's just impossible to find anything good. --Chimeramage 01:54, 16 April 2008 (UTC)

I bought one of those homemade DVD sets and it does suck. I heard a rumor that they might release an official boxset containing all 4 seasons. If they do, I'm getting one. Also, I'd shell out if they released a Reboot Score or Reboot Soundtrack but it must contain Firewall and The Santa Chase. Matrix 3 July 2010

I know I'm late, but there's already an official set of DVDs of the whole series, or at least the 3 first seasons (which I think is when they should have ended). You can find it in some webs (Amazon, eBay, etc.). Its called "ReBoot: The Definitive Mainframe Edition". As for the Reboot soundtrack, a user on YouTube has already upload some of the themes, including music in the episode, with no voices or sounds (I specially like the Incoming game one), but I don't think there's an official soundtrack released. I haven't find it (maybe I'm that dummy). Zilkenian 16 December 2013

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