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Formula One
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form White Race Car
Genre Car Race
Winner Draw, Game Corruption
Appearance Racing the Clock
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"Looks like Formula One. Heh heh. Good thing we know the formula." - Bob

Formula One is a Game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

It is a multi-level racing Game. The User has a white car with no visible driver. Everyone else has to race against him and try to win the race.

User Car

Before entering the Game Cube, Bob had tried to deliver a mask to Hexadecimal. The mask was actually a delete command from Megabyte. She refused the delivery and threw Bob back to Megabytes. The Game started to descend into the city and Bob flew toward it. Dot and Enzo entered the Game to warn Bob what the mask really was.

Racing uniforms

The first lap has racing cars, complete with a nitro boost. Bobs car was a yellow car with matching suit. The mask is attached to the front of his car.Dot had a red suit and car, and Enzo had a white suit and car. All the binomes had green suits and cars. Dot and Enzo raced to Bob and tried to warn him about the bomb. The User activated a ramp in the road and Dot hit it and flew off the road before she could tell Bob.

Hovercraft going through a mine field

The second level has hovercraft doing a tight curves and ramps. Dot jumped in Enzo's hovercraft and they went after Bob again. The User activated a mine field, but Bob got through. Every binome's car was deleted by the mine field. Dot and Enzo almost got through but the last mine deleted their car.

Jet Planes

The third level is low-flying jet planes going through tunnels and loop-de-loops. Dot tried to get Bob's attention by driving a gasoline tanker truck onto the raceway just in front of the finish line.

Infinite DATA/ELSE-IF Loop

Bob ejected in time, and the mask exploded, destroying the tanker and deleting the User. Tears can't form in Games and a massive energy ball formed instead. The System Voice announced, "Warning, Game Corruption." It resulted in an Infinite Data/Else-If Loop. The implosion started sucking in everything from the Game, deleting it. They all rushed to the Cubes outer edge and the Game Cube shrank. The outer wall eventually lost solidity and the Mainframers were able to pass through it, the Cube shrank to nothing and exploded. They were luckily all safe. (Racing the Clock)


  • This is the first Game to crash, rather than be won or lost.