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Formats chart

Format is the name used to identify the race a person belongs to. There are dozens of formats in Cyber Space. For a list of all formats see: Category:Format


The most common format is a Binome. Binomes are a simpler program type, but are the most common type of individual to encounter. They are rather mechanical in appearance, with two types, ones and zeroes. Binomes come from the Net.


Sprites are the second most common format to be found. They are a more complex program and have a very human appearance. Sprites also come from the Net.

Viruses are a somewhat common program format. They are not found in large numbers. Viruses are malicious programs created to cause damage within systems. Viruses come from the Net.

Numerals are less common than sprites, but are regularly seen throughout Mainframe. They come in a variety of colors and each is shaped like a number. Numerals come from the Net.

A Code Master

Code Masters are a very rare program. Not many have been encountered. They are hired mercenaries, deleting whomever they are paid to. One variety of Code Master comes from the Net, while another more dangerous variety comes from the Web.

A Null

Nulls are individuals that have been nullified by Game Cubes or by massive explosions. They are extremely simple programs, looking like worms. Nulls come from the Net.

Web Creature

Web Creatures are large dangerous animals. They are very common in their own realm. Web Creatures are dark, scaly animals that will attack people on sight. Web Creatures only come from the Web.

Web Riders are degraded sprites that have been lost to the Web. They are darkened and have grown scales like Web Creatures. Since Web Riders are only created when sprites are lost in the Web they are only found in the Web.

Key Tools are small living mechanical devices. They are used by the Guardians. There are very few of them in existence. Key Tools only come from the system of the Super Computer on the Net.

Spectrals are living balls of energy. They are extremely rare and are only found in the Spectral System on the Net.

The User is the only thing that does not exactly have a format. They are undefined in Cyber Space. Users are the only living thing that exists outside of the Net, Web, and Cyber Space entirely.


  • During the opening credits the person doing the narration would always state their format.
  • A file format is a particular way to encode information for storage in a computer file.