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Floating Point Park

Floating Point Park, also called Floating Point, is a large multi-leveled park and recreation center, and is one of Mainframe's six sectors. There are no buildings in this sector but there are some small bodies of water and large nature areas.

It is located between Beverly Hills and Kits Sector. The Gilded Gate Bridge to Lost Angles is located between Floating Point Park and Kits Sector.

Parks and Ponds

People often play golf, inline skate, and take walks there.

Enzo tricked Dot and Bob to come to Floating Point Park in an attempt to make them dissolve an argument they were having. When they arrived they quickly discovered the truth and stayed mad, but a Game Cube landed on the park and they were trapped inside. By the time they won the Game their fight was over. (The TIFF)

Dot jogging at Floating Point Park

Dot organized a small jogging group that would run around Floating Point Park. (Painted Windows)

Floating Point Park detached from Mainframe

When the virus Gigabyte reformed, Bob tricked him into coming to Floating Point where there was no equipment or people to gain energy from. Then he had Phong detach the sector so that Gigabyte couldn't reach the rest of the city. This worked until Slash hit Gigabyte hard enough he flew all the way back to Mainframe. (Gigabyte)

Floating Point Park destroyed

During the Viral Wars, Floating Point Park was devastated. The floating sections of the park were crashed into each other, laying at steep angles. The beautiful trees and grass areas were burnt and blackened. (Megaframe)

Due to the damage from the wars, Mainframe began to crash. The sections of Floating Point Park crashed into each other as the sector collapsed into the Energy Sea.

The Park was restored to normal when the User restarted the system. (End Prog)

CPUs at Floating Point

As the Net War progressed, the CPU Defense Force used Floating Point Park as an area to launch forces from. Several squadrons of CPU vehicles and troops were set to launch from the park. (Sacrifice)


  • In programming, the term floating point is used to describe a decimal number.