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Five carrying Cecil away

Five a large pink numeral shaped like a "5", living in Mainframe. This number has rounded teeth with a huge tongue. Along with Nine, Five also has two eyes. Sometimes Five carries a hand bag around. Five usually hangs round Dot's Diner or Al's Diner on Level 31 for their energy shakes.

Asking Phong's advice

When Bob and Dot began to fiercely argue with each other, Five joined an assembly of Sprites and Binomes to discuss the problem with Phong, and hopefully mend their relationship. (The TIFF)

Five joined many other citizens of Mainframe at Dot's Diner for a gathering organized by Enzo anticipating the User's next upgrade. (Infected)

Five was also one of two numeral characters abducted by the Web Creature, the other being Nine. (Trust No One)


  • Five also appeared in the PlayStation ReBoot Video Game; on a cutscene where Hexadecimal threatened to destroy Mainframe, the character screamed "Run for your Five!".