Firewall Disruptor

A Firewall Disruptor is technology designed to cripple a system's security defenses through brute-force attack. A disruptor works by cracking the firewall's encryption codes. A huge laser mounted on several hovering engines emits a powerful beam upon said firewall, bombarding it with sequences of code until it finally brakes. The device's laser can be adjusted in intensity, or levels, should the firewall's encryption be stronger. Once the code is decrypted, the disruptor deactivates the firewall blocking an intruder's path to a system or hub.

In Mainframe's Viral Wars, Megabyte had relied on Hexadecimal's power to penetrate the inverted firewall around Giedi Prime, but her growing insanity made the virus almost impossible to control. With the Anti-Aircraft Guns outside he had Herr Doktor and his scientists construct their own Firewall Disruptor. (Game Over)

The virals never had a chance to use it, as Hex soon escaped. She destroyed Megabyte's Silicon Tor and overloaded the inverted firewall. (Megaframe)

During the Net Wars Daemon was rapidly infecting all the free systems, only one obstacle stood in her way, Mainframe. Her viral Guardians had finally found her messenger, Bob. They reconnected the city and destroyed its Control Tower, preventing the defenders from resealing the system. The Guardian Armada tried to overwhelm the small system but were thwarted by Hexadecimal, who drove them back outside, and Mouse immediately activated a firewall over the breach. (Daemon Rising)

Since the Mainframers begun sealing hubs to systems that weren't yet seeded it became the Armada's priority to disable their firewall. Using their own Disruptor from the Super Computer they attempted a second invasion. Mouse's code proved far too complex for them, every sequence was rejected, so instead of decrypting it her symbol appeared instead. They were already at "level 8" and never needed to go beyond "level 3" before. The Guardians could not enter Mainframe and Daecon had to report their failure to Daemon. (What's Love Got To Do With It?)

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