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File Lock

A File Lock is an energy field that can be used to capture any person or object. Small devices are used to send out the energy and forms the File Lock in the form of an energy cube, effectively freezing anything inside.

The pirates of the Saucy Mare used pistols and swords with holes on the end to project file locks to capture the people they meant to rob. They would pull into a cities port and lock down anyone in the area so that they couldn't call for help. Then they would loot that area of the city. Bob tried to stop them by file locking several of the pirate crew, but eventually was caught in a file lock himself by Princess Bula.

Dot chased down the pirate ship using Mr. Mitchell's Yacht, They fought the pirates hand to hand, but most of their CPU guards ended up in file locks and they lost the fight. Frisket tried to take down the pirate captain, The Crimson Binome, but Captain Capacitor easily caught the dog in a file lock. Dot managed to convince the feared pirate that commerce was more profitable than piracy and the two went into business together. Bob and the others were easily released from the file locks by a touch of the projection swords. (The Crimson Binome)

Code Master File Lock

Code Masters are also capable of capturing people in file locks using their Gibson Coil Pikes. The file lock of a Code Master is circular rather than cube shaped. The Code Master Lens sealed Phong in a file lock when he came to Mainframe since the old sprite refused to give him the information he wanted about Code Master Talon. (High Code)

Viral File Lock

Megabyte's viral troops used file locks to capture Frisket when they caught Enzo Matrix and his dog spying on their work to penetrate the cities Archives with a large Energy Drill. (When Games Collide)

Frisket was caught in a file lock by Captain Capacitor when the dog tried to chase down the infamous pirate when Matrix and AndrAIa discovered him hiding in the Desert Port System. (The Return of the Crimson Binome)

Web Riders are immune to the effects of file locks as Captain Capacitor’s sword was shown to be useless against them. (Web Riders on the storm)

Bob's File Lock

During the Net War, Bob used his Glitch powers to trap several ships from the invading Guardian Armada in file locks. Bob didn't want to delete the viral Guardians, so he neutralized them in file locks. However, he suffered a power loss due to his partial fragmentation and was unable to continue in the fight. The file lock that Bob used was circular, not cube shaped. (Daemon Rising)

File Locks are somewhat similar to an Ultra-High Density Near-Field Time Lock Mechanism. This is a smaller energy field used by Code Masters to seal enemy weapons to render them inopperable. (High Code)