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Feathers McGraw

Feathers McGraw is a small penguin that is seen walking around Mainframe and other systems. He never does much and never speaks. He is never discussed by the other characters and never interacts with the activities going on.

He was first seen in the dystopian future of Megaframe, where Dot stumbled across him in a back alley. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)

Feathers was seen walking around in Mainframe nearly a year later while a Web Creature was hiding in the city. (Trust No One)

When the city's population was evacuated during the Web War, Feathers was seen with the crowds that were preparing for battle. (Web World Wars)

He was next seen in the Desert Port System, in prison with the crew of the Saucy Mare. He later appeared emerging from inside a crate that is broken when the ship stopped suddenly in the Net. (The Return of The Crimson Binome)

He was last seen on board the Saucy Mare, where he watched one of the pirates be sucked into the Web. (Web Riders on the Storm)

He has not been seen since then.


  • The Penguin was never given a name on screen in ReBoot.
  • Outside of ReBoot, Feathers McGraw is a criminal mastermind who debuted in the cartoon short Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers.
  • The including of Feathers McGraw in ReBoot was an injoke of the shows visual creators. After his initial appearance, the animators would find the penguin in the model archive, and then place him in their scenes. Gavin Blair cautioned against including the penguin again due to copy right issues, saying one appearance was ok, two was pushy, and three was grounds for lawsuit. After McGraws final appearance, the ReBoot producers sent a very strongly worded message to the visual creators, "I want the penguin deleted".
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