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Fast Forward: the Making of ReBoot title screen
Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot
Episode no. Special
Written by Jono Howard
Story by Helen du Toit; Jono Howard
Original Airdate Un-aired Special February 27, 1995
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The Un-aired ReBoot special[]

"Fast Forward: The Making of ReBoot" is a 23-minute episode. The title sequence on the sequence says "Date: February 27, 1995", putting its completion date between the first two seasons.

Megabyte hacks into our world.

The show begins in the Silicon Tor, where Megabyte has hacked into the Principal Office and has created a portal into a parallel universe (our universe), taking him into the offices of Mainframe Entertainment. There the producer, writers and animators discuss how the show came about, how it is scripted, voiced, and animated, and what the staff does in its spare time.

Early animation by ReBoot team

An animation test from 1990 shows an early Bob flying on a surfboard, and an early version of Megabyte, as well as a 1992 test piece from the "Wizards, Warriors and a Word from our Sponsor" episode. It also shows the band Def Leppard's CGI "Let's Get Rocked" music video, which the ReBoot team created.

The special was announced and due to be aired on CITV (during the original broadcast of season one in the UK, but was subsequently pulled from the running order without explanation).

Bad Data: Megabyte and Hacker

Among the early test footage shown is a promotional proof-of-concept video Mainframe shopped around for funding. In this video a very early rendering of Bob, without his lips. Bob flies around Mainframe, which is just a CGI motherboard at this time, on what Bob calls a hoverboard. Bob speaks in computer jargon as he tells the viewer about Mainframe. Bob also explains to the viewer that he has to keep Mainframe safe from Bad Data. Bad Data is a team consisting of Megabyte, speaking with a Brooklyn accent, and a character named Hacker. Bad Data's plans is to quote "steal a whole bunch of data, get super intelligent and take over the mainframe". This plot idea was dropped from ReBoot early on along with the character Hacker.