Fairway Frolics
System Loaded Into Satellite System
User Form Tiger, Shark and Sombrero
Genre Golf
Winner System Wins
Appearance Number 7
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Fairway Frolics is a Game a User downloaded into the Satellite System.

It is a generic children's Golf Game on a floating island course. Just like the real-life sport, the objective is for characters to hit a ball with their clubs into each hole on the course with lowest number of strokes possible. It seems to follow exact play methods and scoring rules as Golf does. Being a children's version of the well-known sport the User plays various anthropomorphic animals and even inanimate objects which all have a competitive, yet friendly disposition.

As the Game's a harmless sport there is no way possible for the players to get severely injured or deleted, but it is possible to get knocked out by an errant Golf ball.

Number7 1920r.jpg
AndrAIa Rebooted

This Game loaded into the Satellite System during Matrix and AndrAIa's time there. AndrAIa was eager to catch it, but Matrix had become too depressed to care as this made the fifth Game they had played so far in that System, and remarked by using Game Hopping they are not in control. He was knocked out and remained unconscious for the majority of the match, but with renounced strength from his dreams he made an oath never to give up the search for Mainframe and Bob. He immediately drew Gun on the character who accidentally hit him, the Renegade effectively took control of the Game by frightening everyone away.

Matrix never rebooted in the Game due to his hatred of repeatedly playing golf games. AndrAIa rebooted into a simple golfing outfit consisting of a white short-sleeved shirt, blue jean shorts, black and white glove on her left hand (meaning she is right-handed) and a sun hat. (Number 7)


  • The User characters of the Shark, Sombrero, and Tiger reference real-life golf pros Greg "The Great White Shark" Norman, Lee "The Merry Mex" Travino and Tiger Woods, respectively.
    • The Tiger's appearance resembles Tony the Tiger and Hodori.
  • The game environment was designed to resemble Mainframe's Floating Point Park .
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