Exoskeleton Suit

Exoskeleton Suits are large yellow combat suits. They are very large, about 20 feet tall, with a position between the shoulders of its long arms where the pilot of the vehicle is situated. The suit responds to the pilots thoughts in order to move.


Dot holding Megabyte with her Exoskeleton Suit

An Exoskeleton Suit consists of two large legs, a central torso, two very long arms, and a long tail. One arm has a hand tool with three fingers and a thumb. The other arm has a massive clamp, about 5 feet long. Exo-suits are very capable of picking up people and crushing items. They are built so that a single person can take on a large group of people.


Dot's Exo-Suit infected by Megabyte

Dot Matrix found an Exoskeleton Suit in the Mainframe Armory when Megabyte had taken control of the Principal Office. She took the suit and went to the Core Control Chamber to confront Megabyte. Dot managed to throw the virus out onto a support pylon over the Core energy. Dot tried to crush Megabyte with the foot of the Exo-suit but he managed to push her off balance, and she fell of the pylon. She managed to grab the pylon with the suits arm, and Megabyte was caught in an energy beam by Bob. Dot pulled herself back-up and picked up Megabyte, holding him while Bob tried to undo some of the damage the virus had done. Megabyte easily infected the Exoskeleton Suit and ordered it to grab Bob. The infection was reversed when Megabyte was tricked into entering a Viral break-down chamber. (Infected)


AndrAIa on the Exoseleton Suit container


Matrix and AndrAIa in Exo-Suits facing a Guardian Squadron

During the Net War with the Super Virus Daemon, Matrix and AndrAIa took refuge inside a warehouse in the Desert Port System while being pursued by Guardian Ships. Once inside, AndrAIa found a container marked 'EXO', and they decided to use the Exoskeleton Suits to fight the Guardian squadron. They came out and managed to fight off the squad of about 78 viral Guardians. Daemon had a Zoom Room sent to capture Matrix and AndrAIa so that they didn't end up deleting someone. Just as it arrived, a portal to Mainframe opened. AndrAIa pushed Matrix into the portal, but was caught by the Zoom Room herself.


AndrAIa's Exoskeleton Suit in the Super Computer


Daemon stopping the arm of AndrAIa's Exoskeleton Suit

AndrAIa was transported to the Super Computer where she was greeted warmly by Daemon. AndrAIa quickly tried to crush Daemon with the large arm of her Exo-suit, but Daemon stopped the arm with her finger and infected AndrAIa. The suit powered down and AndrAIa fell to Deamon's feet. (Cross Nodes)


  • The Exoskeleton Suits were designed and modeled by Gerald Lauzé.
  • Two toys were created based on the Exoskeleton Suit, one was yellow, and the latter version was orange and came with an exclusive AndrAIa figure.
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