An Energy Shake

Energy Shakes are drinks that are favorites of most people on the Net. When a data being drinks and energy shake they take in nourishment for their healthy diet.

If a system is losing power, people will often drink energy shakes to keep their power levels up. It will only delay their deletion, but may keep them going long enough to repair the system. (Infected)


Bob and Little Enzo having Energy Shakes

Energy shakes come in several different varieties and flavors.

In Mainframe, energy shakes are served at Dot's Diner and Al's Wait & Eat. In the Desert Port System energy shakes are available at the Sibedar, and presumably at the cities Bazaar.

Some Energy Shakes in Dot's Diner are mobile, can move extremely fast and wear sunglasses. (The Quick and the Fed)

Bob was slowly breaking down when he was combined with Glitch. AndrAIa and Little Enzo took him to Al's to have an energy shake. (My Two Bobs)

List of known Energy ShakesEdit

  • Cold Cool One (Quick and the Fed)
  • Quantum Shake (The Great Brain Robbery)
  • Power Up Malt (My Two Bobs)
  • Non-CAD Booster (AndrAIa's had hers easy on the volts) (My Two Bobs)
  • Double D Shake (My Two Bobs)
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