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The Energy Park

The Energy Park is a small park that uses energy for some of its attractons. The park has a large grass area to play in and in the center of the park is a large Energy Slide. There are two of these Energy Parks in Mainframe. The first one is located in Beverly Hills. The second is a sub-sector of Giedi Prime.


The Energy Slide

The slide runs energy down it like a water slide does. When people slide down it they get some energy and have fun riding it.

The park in Beverly Hills was visited by Bob and Enzo Matrix to distract Enzo while Dot Matrix organized a surprise birthday party for her younger brother. Enzo was already very tired from a full day of fun and distractions. Bob pushed him down the energy slide and contacted Dot. When Enzo reached the bottom of the slide he jumped on a Zip Board and went back to Dot's Diner on his own. Bob panicked, alerted Dot, and quickly followed Enzo. (Talent Night)

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The park forming

The park in Giedi Prime was created from a sub-sector under Megabyte's control. The sector had a large gray building in the middle of industrial fabrication facilities. Phong, Dot, and Bob organized a reisistance movement within the sub-sectors inhabitants. Megabyte found a traitor in the sub-sector's inhabitants named Cyrus. He stole the people's PIDs and gave the file to Megabyte. Phong used a Reality Distortion Engine to show Dot what would happen if they failed. Dot realized they could still save the PIDs by hacking into Megabyte's systems. (Identity Crisis, Part 1)

After retaking the PID file Dot downloaded it to the Principal Office. Phong quickly registered them online with the system. Once the PIDs were online with the city the sub-sector reformated into the Energy Park. (Identity Crisis, Part 2)

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