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Emma See

Emma See is a one binome living in Mainframe where she works as the system Program Sensor. Her job is to monitor any activities in the city and decide if they are politically correct or need to be censored.

Emma's Badge

Emma worked with Dot Matrix, monitoring the auditions for Enzo's birthday. She refused most of the good acts, giving several strange reasons why. Some she did like were the Small Town Binomes, the Primitives, and the breakdancing virals. (Talent Night)

Emma See and Baby Binome during the system restart

Emma See was at the Principal Office during the system crash and restart of Mainframe. She was standing next to the Baby Binome as they marveling and the bursts of energy in the cities sky as the system came back online.

Emma and the Baby Binome were seen walking out of Dot's Diner after the system restart while Mike the TV was announcing the Mainframe Strolling Players production of the Viral Wars events. (End Prog)

Emma See was invited to the wedding of Dot Matrix and Bob. She sat stunned with the rest of the observers while the two Bobs argued over Dot and the second was revealed to be Megabyte in disguise. (Null Bot of the Bride)

Watching Phong's announcement

Emma was later seen in Floating Point Park during an announcement by Phong about the return of Megabyte to Mainframe. (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)


  • Emma's character was a way to make fun of the ABC Network censors. During the first two seasons, when ReBoot was on ABC, Broadcast Standards and Practices made many strict and often bizarre decrees restricting the show's content. In DVD commentary for episodes 1 to 3 on the Definitive Mainframe Edition, it's revealed that Emma is a parody of a specific BS&P official, called Mary, who was "not happy about it".