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Elvis Binome

Elvis Binome is an Elvis impersonator living in Mainframe. He always wears the white outfit and sunglasses that Elvis is quite famous for.

Elvis Binome was seen at Enzo's Birthday, ready to perform just after Dot Matrix finished singing to her little brother. Just as Elvis Binome was beginning his song, the backdrop was pushed over on the impersonator by an incoming ABC, and Megabyte took the stage. Megabyte gave a guitar duo with Bob, and when he left Mike the TV said the signature, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Megabyte has left the building!” The Elvis Binome gave him an odd look for the remark.

Elvis Binome was seen during the Web War with a large group of civilians, being escorted to shelters by a CPU Tank. (Web World Wars)

Elvis Binome was seen just after the end of the Viral Wars when Mainframe began to crash. As some of the buildings collapsed a large chunk of debris fell on top of him, flattening him. (System Crash)

He was later restored along with the rest of Mainframe.

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