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Eight Ball Apartments

Eight Ball Apartments, also known as The Eight Ball, is a small apartment building in Kits Sector of Mainframe. Bob lives in a spacious apartment on the top floor of the building. Mike the TV lived with him for about a year an a half before he moved to Lost Angles. (Wizards, Warriors, and a Word From Our Sponsor) (Painted Windows)

Bob's Apartment

When Megabyte managed to sneak into the Principal Office and take over the Core Control Chamber he attempted to erase all of Mainframe. While the erase program was running many buildings began to fall down and collapse. The large Eight Ball on top of the Eight-Ball Apartment building fell off and rolled away. (Infected)

Bob has a small garage at his apartment where he keeps his car. He has a large tool supply in the garage so that he can work on his constantly malfunctioning car.

Bob's Bed

Hexadecimal was infected by a Web Creature and the nulls of Mainframe attacked her to isolate her and the creature from the city. The conglomeration of nulls was called Nullzilla. Bob, Dot, Enzo, Frisket, and Mike used a giant robot to fight Nullzilla in Kits Sector. They accidentally shoved the null monster into the Eight-Ball Apartments, crushing the building. (Nullzilla)


It was evidently rebuilt sometime later, as during the system crash, the Eight Ball broke free from the apartments again and rolled after a binome almost crushing him (System Crash) and when the user restarted the system, it was restored to its full splendour. (End Prog).

After Bob's return to Mainframe and the restoration of the city he returned to living at the Eight Ball Apartment building.