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Eight in Al's Diner

"I eight exercise!"-Eight

Eight is a large brown numeral shaped like an "8", living in Mainframe. Having a terrible addiction to slow food, Eight is overweight. He is nearly always seen in Al's Diner. Eight waits in Al's for long periods of time to get slow food. Bob offered to buy Eight's food from him, but the numeral told him to buzz off, saying he had been waiting for the food since he was four.

Eight once took up one of Dot Matrix's exercising programs held in Floating Point Park sector, but it wasn't long before he started complaining. (Painted Windows)

Eight was deleted during the Viral Wars, as the city tore itself apart in the system shutdown. He was standing near Eight-Ball Apartments in Kits Sector when the 8-ball collapsed on top of him. He was happily restored near Dot's Diner in Baudway Sector when the User had restarted Mainframe. (End Prog)