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The Edge of Beyond
City Size Unknown
System Leader None
Primary Population None
Energy Sea Position N/A
First Appearance The Edge of Beyond
List of Systems.

You may also be looking for The Edge of Beyond (episode)

"Soon the Saucy Mare will enter into the profitless region known as the Edge of Beyond" -Mr. Christopher

The Edge of Beyond is a location on the Net containing a massive tear leading to the Web, surrounded by dead Web Creatures and remains of ships from the Net. Most likely the Edge of Beyond is the remains of a destroyed system. Since there are so many dead web creatures in the area it is possible the system was destroyed by the Web.

The Saucy Mare approaches the Edge of Beyond

The Saucy Mare visited the Edge of Beyond in order to enter the Web to find Bob. They knew that they couldn't enter the Web without protection, so Search Engine Ray Tracer told them to use the dead web creatures to cover the ship in hides. They would act as web shields and protect the ship and crew from the corrosive environment of the Web.

As the crew was covering the ship in hides of the dead web creatures to protect it from the Web, AndrAIa inspected a small orb, it turned out to be an egg. A baby web creature came out and attacked her. It quickly fled, stabilizing the massive tear into a portal to the Web.

Dead Web Creatures surrounding the Tear

The crew finished the work on the ship and Ray Tracer stabilized the tear so that the ship could enter the Web. After they entered the portal it became unstable again, turning back into a tear. Possibly this tear is too massive to be repaired. (The Edge of Beyond)

The Tear stabilized into a Portal

The Saucy Mare came to the Edge of Beyond after escaping from the Desert Port System.


  • The Edge of Beyond being a destroyed system is never said on screen. However, it is the only explanation that fits the available information on the area.