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Dixon Green .jpg
Dixon Green
Format Guardian, Sprite
First Appearance What's Love Got To Do With It?
Hobby Mentoring Bob
Catchphrase "One more Virus for the Deletion Chamber"
Voice Actor Stevie Vallance
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Dixon Green was a Guardian working in the Super Computer while Bob was a cadet there, she served as his partner and mentor. Her Key Tool was Glitch.

After they caught the virus Killabyte, Dixon and Bob were ordered to delete him. While they were preparing the Deletion Chamber and arguing over the morals of deletion vs. reprogramming, Killabyte received an upgrade from a User. Dixon had Glitch contact Central Command to alert them about the 403, viral upgrade. Killabyte broke free from his restraints threw Bob to the wall, knocking him unconscious.

Dixon with Killabyte ready to attack

Dixon started catologing Killabyte's new abilities to Central Command. Killabyte grabbed for her but she moved quick and got on his back. She commanded Glitch to shoot a narrow beam through Killabyte's head, but his new powers allowed him to survive. He threw Dixon to the ground and his right hand grew into a thumb and two massive claws for fingers. He used his new power draining abilities and stabbed Dixon with his new claws, draining all energy from Dixon.

Dixon Dying

After Killabyte finished with her he turned on Bob but the Gateway Command caught him and pulled him to Mainframe's Twin City as he completed his upgrade, becoming the Super Virus Gigabyte.

Dixon Green died in Bob's arms. Her Key Tool, Glitch, passed to Bob.