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The Disrupto-Matic

The Disrupto-Matic was a weapon for the Giant Robot Phong kept in case a monster made of Nulls threatened Mainframe. It was an axe with a locking handle that could be flown independently. As with the other Battle Droids, it was assigned to a Sprite. In this instance, to AndrAIa, although not at first.

Phong told Bob to use the Disrupto-Matic to finish off Nullzilla, but the weapon had been kept in a sealed glass locker. Phong then asked AndrAIa to take the Disrupto-Matic to Bob and the others so they could finish it off.

AndrAIa piloting the Disrupto-Matic

The weapon's true power came from its blade which had the property of spinning at very high speed, which allowed the destruction of Nullzilla by ripping out the nulls from the central mass of the creature and sending them flying all over. (Nullzilla)

The Disrupto-Matic fell to the ground after the battle with Nullzilla. It was seen with its upper blade sticking into the ground while the Giant Robot was carried away by a Data Crane of Jimmy's. (Gigabyte)

On the glass case of the weapon is the warning: "IN CASE OF GIANT NULL MONSTER THREATENING CITY, BREAK GLASS".