Game Manual Restart
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Tyranosaurus Rex
Genre Adventure
Winner Game merged with Basic Combat 2
Appearance When Games Collide
List of Games.

Dinosaurs is a Game the User has loaded into Mainframe.

The Game is a battle between dinosaurs and people. The User is a Tyranosaurus Rex, and must beat several opponents to win the Game. The Mainframers reboot as people fighting the dinosaurs, some do reboot as dinosaurs, such as pterodactyls.

Megabyte had been using a Leech Command to drain energy from Game Cubes so that he could have enough energy to break into the cities Archives. Hack and Slash set the Leech Command to high and drained too much energy from the Basic Combat 2 Game. The Game Cube began to crash. Phong attempted to route some energy to the Game but was too late. The System Voice announced, "Game Crash Confirmed, Manual Restart." The Dinosaurs Game Cube loaded into the system and landed on the other Game Cube. The two Games melded together into a very strange Merged Game. (When Games Collide)

The Dinosaurs Game was never seen before it merged with the Basic Combat Game.

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