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The Director

Dino DeHorrendous is a zero binome working as a director of television in Mainframe. He has a thin mustache and wears a bright red hat and a monocle.

Asking Phong's advice

Dino helped Enzo Matrix try and get Bob and Dot Matrix back together after a fight. He went with Enzo and a group of concerned citizens to see Phong at the Principal Office for advice. On Phong's advice that tragedy would help mend Bob and Dot's friendship, Dino lent his television company to help Enzo film a fake scene where the sprite was being held prisoner by Megabyte at Pearson's Data Dump. He thought Enzo had real talent, but occasionally criticized the other actors performances. The Director didn't like having Frisket on the set, thinking he was a disruption. (The TIFF)

Watching the Saucy Mare arrive

Dino was sightseeing at the docks in Kits Sector of Mainframe when the pirate ship the Saucy Mare arrived and its crew began raiding the sector. Dino and Number Five were the first to see the ship approaching. They were caught in File Locks early in the attack. (The Crimson Binome)

Dino also was in charge of the production of the ‘True Stories of Mainframe’ TV series. He seemed somewhat bored with the production because the actors were always messing up and caused them to have several retakes. (AndrAIa)

Dino produced (and likely directed) the film Bride of Frankenome. (Nullzilla)

It is unknown if Dino is a member of the Mainframe Strolling Players, but since he directed a television show that the troop acted in, it is most likely that he is a member.

Watching Phong's announcement

Dino was seen in Floating Point Park during an announcement by Phong about the return of Megabyte to Mainframe. (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)


  • Dino DeHorrendous was never identified on screen, but his name was mentioned once. However he was identified on a Fleer Ultra Card released by Fleer and Mainframe Entertainment.
  • His name may be a reference to Italian film producer Dino De Laurentiis.