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Dick Abbott

Dick & Roger's Sound Studio Ltd is the Vancouver-based company providing the Audio Post Production for ReBoot season one.

Dick & Roger's is a digital audio post-production studio in Vancouver, on Canada's West Coast, responsible for the complete post production of ReBoot's first season, the multimedia (Elementz Interactive) for the 'ReBoot PlayStation game' made by 'Electronic Arts Canada'; and 5.1 channel mixing along with dialogue prelay of ReBoot Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs movies for Mainframe Entertainment.

Co-founders Dick Abbott and Roger Monk have worked together for over 25 years, starting this facility in 1990 to take advantage of the rapidly evolving digital audio medium. Today, with a group of talented people, and thanks to many clients, Dick & Roger's has grown and diversified. The company is currently expanding their new studios in the historic Gastown area of downtown Vancouver.

Their staff are experienced studio technicians and engineers, and have been utilizing digital audio editing and mixing since 1987, completing a wide variety of projects for a diverse range of clients, that offer valuable insight and support for client's creative work.

Dick Abbott was born in Kamloops in 1935. He moved to the coast with his family when he was 6. At 16, he got a job in the CKNW record library and has been a long-term employee working at radio station 'CKNW' since 1951, responsible for creating the three tone NEWS Sounder, Dick began packaging commercials, then making transcriptions and ending up doing all the production at NW, rising to Production Engineer and later became the Production Manager of 'New Westminster'. For his extensive career, Dick build up a reputation as one of the best, most sought-after production engineers in North America. Along starting up his own private company with Roger Monk in '83, Abbott remained active until 1998 whereupon he retired from CKNW. He presently works at the 'Sound Studio' in Vancouver.

Roger Monk (also known as Roger Monn) was the Supervising Sound Editor for ReBoot season one. He attended Ryerson University from 1967 to 1970 where after graduated and started work as Trainee Recording Engineer for 'CBC' the Government Agency in the Broadcast Media industry for four years, eventually becoming Film Editor. After working at CBC, Roger was employed as Recording Engineer for 'Eastern Sound Studio' and later the Chief Engineer at the Privately Held 'Little Mountain Sound Studio' in 1976 working there for over 14 years. Roger left the music industry to start up his own company with Dick Abbott, and currently its managing director.

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