The Prison complex

Desert Port Prison is a maximum security installation located within the Desert Port System. Atop of a rocky hillside it is connected to the town below by a subterranean path. The inner complex is surrounded by large outer walls with lasers. Fighter vehicles continually patrol and circle its airspace. This prison is controlled by the system's own CPU defense force from a control room fitted with monitoring cameras. The CPUs enforce laws under the jurisdiction of the Guardians. After Daemon had infected the Super Computer she made her viral collective restrict all Net travel.

The Prison entrance

During the Net War this facility dealt out death sentences to any persons caught traveling without authorization codes. This process was overseen by a mechanical Judge within the courtroom. As Net laws were now corrupt it automatically passed harsh punishments in a kangaroo-court without even giving the defendant a fair trial.


Prison control room

Those convicted were taken to the holding cells beneath the Prison. The cells are sealed off by large secure doors. Any possessions the prisoners had with them were confiscated in nearby lockers.

With the exceptions of Captain Capacitor and Mr. Christopher, all the software pirates were apprehended by the CPUs and thrown into holding cells awaiting execution. Not long after the search engine Ray Tracer was caught and found guilty of illegal Net travel. He too was locked up to soon be deleted.


Courtroom Judge Robot

The Search Engine Maxine had several friends that had been arrested and locked up the prison. They were awaiting deletion, courtesy of the Guardians. (The Episode With No Name)


Holding Cells

Matrix, AndrAIa and Frisket eventually met up with the Crimson Binome and requested to board his ship to the Web. However this required the safe return of his crew first. AndrAIa and Frisket infiltrated the facility and disabled communications. As alarms rang Matrix blew a hole through the outer wall with Gun. Frisket made his way to clear the docks while AndrAIa distracted the CPU fighters. Matrix and Capacitor soon managed to brake free all the pirates and Ray. (The Return of The Crimson Binome)


  • As there is no identified Principal Office in the Desert Port System, the Prison, as the largest building, is possibly the systems Principal Office.
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