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Deryk Tappin

Deryk Tappin was a computer animator for ReBoot season 3, ReBoot: The Ride, and a Modeler in the two movies Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs.

Deryk started in the entertainment industry with "RoboCop" (television series) in 1994 as a digital artist. He later joined Mainframe Entertainment to work on ReBoot's third season. In between various development projects, IMAX filmrides and productions, Tappin was modelmaker for "Casper's Haunted Christmas" (2000) and "Spider-Man" television series up until 2003.

After leaving the studio that year Deryk was employed with Electronic Arts Canada, entering the video games industry where he developed titles for multiple console format releases including games credited for "SSX 3" (2003), "NBA Street V3" (2005), "FIFA Street" (2005) and "FIFA Street 2" (2006)

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