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Super Computer's Deletion Chamber

A Deletion Chamber is a large chamber used by most systems on the Net to delete viruses. The chamber is not a weapon, it is simply an execution chamber used to delete captured viruses.

The Deletion Chamber is a high-tech multi-storey room located within the Super Computer. Typically, any discovered virus is dealt with on the transporter, a secure harness that restrains it so nearby Guardians working on the podium are better protected. Once their task is complete the loaded virus is decompiled and broken down inside this chamber, eliminating the threat they once posed.

Bob and Dixon Green were charged with deleting the latest virus Killabyte. Dixon was supposed to give a lecture but Bob found these methods callous. The cadet spoke to his partner about his theories on reprogramming viruses for the good, which distracted Dixon. Killabyte suddenly underwent an upgrade and broke free of his restraints. Dixon immediately contacted Central via Glitch to warn them what happened. Bob was knocked unconscious, forcing the Guardian to fight with the virus alone. Killabyte dealt her a mortal blow. Before he could attack Bob the Gateway Command pulled the newly transformed Gigabyte back to Mainframe's Twin City.

Afterwards, Dixon was deleted and the Key Tool Glitch joined with Bob, it shared code thus making him a Guardian. They then pursued Killabyte's signature right into Lost Angles, unaware of what transpired earlier. (What's Love Got To Do With It?)

Mainframe's Deletion Chamber[]

Mainframe's Deletion Chamber

Megaybte being decompiled

In Mainframe the deletion chamber is a mobile octagonal structure that can be moved into different locations. Megabyte once took over the Core Control Chamber, but he managed to capture Bob and Dot Matrix. The virus ordered Bob to give him a portal to the Super Computer, so the Guardian brought in a small chamber he claimed was a portal room. It was revieled to be a Deletion Chamber once the virus was tricked to go inside it. Bob activated the chamber and nearly deleted Megabyte, but the virus activated a self destruct program and Bob was forced to eject the chamber, stopping the deletion process. Megabyte shut down his self destruct as soon as he was safe. (Infected)