Scan of a Delete Command

"A Delete Command masked as a mask, she'll never know what erased her." -Megabyte

A Delete Command is an explosive device, usually hidden inside another seemingly harmless device or machine, designed to detonate after a specific amount of time.

Delete Commands are disguised bombs that can function independently, or be triggered remotely and therefore, are extremely dangerous; anything caught inside their blast radius is erased and the burst of energy causes a tear. The most destructive of these commands are capable of damaging a System Operating Core, leading to the annihilation of the entire System and its inhabitants.


Delete Command hidden in a mask

Megabyte once used such technology in a bid to rid himself of Hexadecimal, out of sibling rivalry. He cleverly masked the bomb as one of Hex's own masks so she wouldn't realize she'd been tricked until it was too late. This was primed to countdown from thirty minutes once someone wore it. Unbeknownst to Megabyte, or his virals, the virus' spy, Scuzzy, had infiltrated the Silicon Tor and recorded the whole plot. Enzo Matrix was unwittingly charged with its delivery, but told no one else who sent it. Instead of Enzo delivering the bomb to Lost Angles, an unsuspecting Bob wound up taking it to a furious Hexadecimal who threw the Guardian straight back to Giedi Prime. Dot and Enzo rushed to warn Bob the mask was a bomb, however at that moment an incoming Game Cube arrived and the Guardian entered it. Before Bob could understand what had transpired the Delete Command's timer reached zero and exploded inside the Game.


Delete Command hidden in a communicator

Instead of forming a tear though, the Game's reality had been corrupted by the blast and it formed an Infinite Data Else-If Loop, a singularity that caused the Cube to implode. Luckily Bob and the Mainframers escaped as the vortex collapsed into itself. (Racing the Clock)

A Web Creature had arrived in Mainframe and the Guardian Collective in the Super Computer anticipated its presence and risk of Net-wide invasion. For this task the Guardian Council contracted Mouse to investigate and confirm the Web Creature's existence. The Hacker was unaware the Guardian Protocol was not to save the small system, but completely destroy it. They gave Mouse a small two-way audio communicator with a direct-link to Turbo.


Delete Command's hourglass timer


The Delete Command explodes over Mainframe

Once she encountered the Class-M creature within Level 31 she immediately radioed for help, unknowingly giving the Guardians the proof they needed to arm the device. Turbo could no longer stall their final decision and reluctantly initiated an Hourglass timer, adjourning the meeting, but not before tampering with the clock afterwards to buy the Mainframers precious time.

Bob was alarmed Mouse had been talking to the Prime Guardian and ordered Glitch to probe scan her communicator, revealing an explosive inside. Bob managed to get the deadly bomb a safe distance from the city before the denotation, however the Delete Command ironically created a huge tear the Web Creature needed to form a portal back to the Web. (Trust No One)

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