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Data Nully

Data Nully is a one binome and a CGI agent in Mainframe. Her partner is Fax Modem. She's the more reasonable and calm-speaking of the two, and views several of his theories with a degree of scepticism.

Data Nully and her partner Fax Modem

Data Nully and her partner were tasked by Phong to solve a series of abductions. They suspected that the abductions were the work of a Web Creature. They even found Mouse near Mike the TV after he had been attacked. They attempted to arrest her but she was able to get away easily.

Trying to arrest Mouse

They were proven correct but were wrong on their suspicions of Mouse being the creature.

When they found the creature they used flash lights to immobilize the animal, the Web Creatures couldn't stand strong light. A CPU force took over from them, but couldn't prevent the creature escaping.

When a Web Portal was opened above Mainframe, Data told her partner he was wrong about the Web being out there, "it's here". (Trust No One)

Data Nully was last seen while Mainframe was crashing. She was startled at the sight of alien-esque Binomes in the background. She tried to get Modem's attention but he missed them. They were blown up by a broken cable. Data Nully was restored when Mainframe was restarted. (System Crash)


  • CGI stands for Computer Generated Imagery. It is the type of animation Reboot is created with.
  • Data Nully is modeled after the character Dana Scully from The X-Files and is actually voiced by Scully's actress Gillian Anderson. At the time she was married to a production designer at Mainframe Entertainment.
  • Nully and Modem have larger eyes than most one binomes shown in the first two seasons.