Dat Compression Command

A Data Compression Command is a device used to shrink, or compress, data. It does this by compressing the data in an object into a very compact form. The command can be used to shrink objects, or people. It is a very sophisticated device, more advanced than the older Bpeg that reduces the amount of space an objects data takes up. However, the compression field is quite unstable, unforeseen accidents can happen if the compressed individual is not careful. The compression command must keep the field active the entire time or the shrunken objects will begin to re-enlarge within nanoseconds.

Phong did not have a Data Compression Command in the Principal Office, he simply had an old Bpeg to reduce things in size. Bob was used to the advanced technology of the Super Computer, and asked Phong if he had a Data Compression Command. When Phong informed Bob that he had the old Bpeg, Bob seemed fine with using the older device.

Data Compression Command 2

Compressing an ABC

Megabyte managed to build a data compression command, and used it to compress a modified ABC with Mouse, Hack, and Slash inside. They were then sent to Megabyte's viral spies to be secretly put in Bob's brain. They failed, and the shrunken ABC ended up in the body of Enzo Matrix. They used a Neural Matrix Scrambler to take control of his brain. They latter realized that they were in the wrong body.

Data Compression Command 3

Shrunken ABC

At first, Megabyte was furious, but Mouse told him that it wasn't her problem. Then Megabyte noticed something and had Enzo turn his head, and found that he was with his sister, Dot Matrix, and Phong, inside the Principal Office, past all the security. The virus quickly accessed manual control over Enzo and had him head directly for the Core.

Bob had entered Enzo's head in order to get rid of the infiltrators. He got passed Hack and Slash easily, but Mouse caught the guardian in a Liner Stasis Field. Bob told her what was happening, that they were, by now, inside the cities operating core. The hacker checked her instruments and found that there was a buildup of external radiation. Realizing this, she pulled the plug on the operation. In retaliation, Megabyte deactivated the compression field around the ABC. They had only nanoseconds until they returned to normal size. They quickly flew out of the brain, and through Enzo's nose, enlarging just as they exited, causing Enzo to sneeze out the ABC as it returned to normal size. (The Great Brain Robbery)

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