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Damaged system.jpg
Damaged System
City Size Small
System Leader Wise One
Primary Population Binomes
Energy Sea Position Surrounds City
First Appearance Icons
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"This is the most devastated system we've ever come across." -AndrAIa

The Damaged System is a small city that has been so devastated by Game Cubes and a Praying Mantis Virus that it will probably crash if it loses one more game. The User of this system was very skilled in playing Games and consequently any defenders it may have once had were long since nullified. There are only a handful of Binomes left, and the entire Sprite population is nullified, save for one small sprite named Backup.

Between the sectors there are large holes where the city has taken heavy damage, showing the energy sea below. The system has no ports to the Net. The structure of this city and its Principal Office is square shaped.

The systems operating center

The systems Principal Office is an cube-shaped building which had a black dingy color due to the damage of the system. The buildings Sub-Sphere is also cubical shaped. The system leader is a very old binome named Wise One, being all that's left of the command system. He works in the system's operating center within the Principal Office, where there is a table with a display of the entire city on it. Since Wise One has difficulty getting around, he would use large hydraulic arm to lift him around the room to do his work.

Matrix looking at the Damaged System

Lighting striking the Principal Office

The cities other buildings were in ruins, its inhabitants lived in the collapsed buildings and wrecked cars. Nulls roamed the streets freely. Most of the cities equipment and technology was damaged, so its inhabitants couldn't use the cities power, so some would start fires in trash cans for warmth.

A Game Cube in the Damaged System

Matrix and AndrAIa entered the system through a Game Cube. They were shocked at its state, easily making it the most ruined system during their Game Hopping travels. Matrix did what he could to repair it and quickly deleted the virus there. However this system desperately needed protection from the Cubes.

System beginning to repair

They helped train some binomes to defend against future Games. The volunteer trainees were Barry, Gabby, Hardboot, Jeff, and a small Sprite nicknamed Backup. They successfully established teamwork and won the Kron the Destroyer Game. Matrix and AndrAIa then left the small system in the Game Cube when it lifted off. The cities inhabitants cheered as its sky turned blue, showing the system was beginning to mend itself. A thankful Wise One wished their saviors luck on their journey home, as he rolled out a system repair plan. (Icons)

System Repair Plans

This is the first system that Matrix and AndrAIa are seen visiting after being forced to leave Mainframe. The next system the Games downloaded them into was the Spectral System.


  • The system's true name was never said on screen.