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A Cron-Virus is a powerful virus capable of destroying the entire Net. The only one ever encountered is Daemon.

The virus will infect the Net and begin a count down. Everyone infected by them will start calling out numbers. When they reach zero everything is deleted.

"101. 100. 11. 10. 01. 0." (5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0)


  • The word Cron simply means count.
  • Cron is a shortening of the word Chronological, a term used to mean the order that things come in a time line.
  • In a Unix system, the cron daemon runs regularly scheduled tasks, such as renaming log files and running accounting.
    • 111100 = 60, 111011 = 59, ..., 101=5, 100=4, 11=3, 10=2, 01=1, 0=0.
  • According to Bob's words, a Cron Virus has the power to delete everything in the Net, even viruses.
  • According to Bob, he managed to identify Daemon as a Cron virus before starting the countdown.
    • It is unknown how he knew of the existence of this kind of virus or if it was because of the actions of Daemon.
  • Cron viruses do not exist, but would be devastating if they did.