Core Control Chamber 2

The Core Control Chamber

"The Core Control Chamber, it's more magnificent than I could ever have imagined." -Megabyte

The Core Control Chamber, also known simply as the Core Room, is a large room within the Principal Office containing all the operating software for the system. The room sits directly above the Core, and has a large access port in its ceiling, leading directly to the top of the Principal Office, allowing access by the Sub-Sphere. From within this room Phong can control everything in the city. The Chamber has the highest amount of security in the Principal Office protecting it.


Bob looking down on the Core Control Chamber

The best way to reach the Core Control Chamber is by descending the Sub-Sphere from the top of the Principal Office to inside the chamber in the center of the building. The room is controlled by voice command and a series of passwords. By using commands like 'Pinnacle elite, Windows' or ', initiate program, erase' a person can control all functions of Mainframe.

Core chamber

The Sub-Sphere entering the Chamber


An exit door for the Chamber

When the Sub-Sphere descends through a massive hatch at the top of the chamber it settles just above the energy of the Core. Once it stops moving six arms descend into place around the upper platform of the Sub-Sphere. Each has a small frame that can create a send file allowing a person to reach the outer doors of the chamber and leave. The outer doors have the yin-yang symbol on them that Phong has on his icon.


The outer door of the Chamber

When the User downloads a system upgrade it must be installed in the Core through the control chamber. Megabyte once faked an upgrade so that he could gain access to the Core. After getting passed Bob he copied Phong's read-only memory and used his pass codes to enter the Core Control Chamber. He ordered the to begin erasing the entire city so he could re-create it in his own image. (Infected)


Megabyte in the Core Control Chamber

The Core Control Chamber was severely damaged during the Viral Wars. When Phong and Dot were forced to power down the sectors of the city they had to have Bob do it from within the Core itself since the chamber was off-line. (System Crash)

Gateway command core

The Gateway Command in the Core Room

When Megabyte returned Dot offered him the Gateway Command as bait to catch him. In truth it was a fake. The real Gateway Command was safely locked away inside the Core Control Chamber. (Crouching Binome, Hidden Virus)

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