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Copeland is a Key Tool from the Super Computer. It is bonded to Prime Guardian Turbo. Copeland is the same type of device as Glitch and looks very similar, except Copeland is golden and its component parts are in a different arrangement.

Copeland, like other key tools, is alive and sentient.

Turbo used Copeland to easily capture Enzo Matrix when they encountered each other in the Desert Port System. He soon released the renegade and Copeland was reunited with its old friend, Glitch. Despite Glitch being damaged, the two key tools had a short conversation in bleeps and clicks. At this time Turbo had already been infected by the Super Virus Daemon like the rest of the Guardians. (The Episode With No Name)

As Daemon's infection grew stronger, all the key tools left their Guardians, including Copeland. It is uncertain where they went to.

Copeland later returned after the infection was gone along with the other key tools. Bob had merged with Glitch and was attempting to separate from it, but they were both nearly deleted in the effort. As the merged pair lost all power on the operating table the key tools returned through small black portals and used their power to save Bob and Glitch's lives. Copeland then reunited with Turbo and the other key tools went to join with their Guardians. (Null Bot of the Bride)


  • Copeland is possibly a reference to the unreleased Copland operating system created by Apple.
  • Copeland is first seen in the episode Trust No One, but its name isn't given until The Episode With No Name.
  • When it appears in Trust No One, Copeland is blue, just like Glitch.