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Mainframe's Clock Speed Room

A Clock Speed Room is a room located inside a system's Principal Office where the processing speed of the system is regulated. If the clock were to speed up, the people of the system would work and learn much faster. If it is slowed down, the people will be slow and less intelligent.

Inside a Clock Speed Room is a pendulum. This swings back and forth and regulates the city's processing speed.

Mainframe's Clock Speed Room

Mainframe's Clock Speed Room is a darkly lit room located near the Read-Only Room. It's pendulum is black with a green crystal on the end. There is a small computer console behind the pendulum and if someone enters the room, the console asks that person questions about what it is they need. Enzo Matrix used the Clock Speed Room to try and become smarter than everyone in Mainframe; however, his plan backfired when the Clock Speed Room simply slowed everyone in the city down and left him normal. Enzo quickly returned to the Clock Speed Room and set everything back to normal. Phong was affected by the slowdown, but still seemed aware of what had happened, while no one else did. (Enzo the Smart)

Super Computer Clock Speed Room

The Super Computer's Clock Speed Room is located in its Principal Office. This room is well lit, with massive stained glass windows and a marble floor. The pendulum is silver with a large circle at the bottom. There is a large view screen behind the pendulum. When it is activated the pendulum becomes transparent so that people can see the screen behind it.

Super Computer's Pendulum

The Super Virus Daemon infected the Super Computer and set up her throne room in the Clock Speed Room of the Principal Office. Her throne was a green chair set just in front of the pendulum. Daemon had several Guardian Sentries stationed around the Clock Speed Room. During her reign, the Clock Speed Room had troops of Guardians in it, Mike the TV, and AndrAIa. Mouse and Matrix secretly entered the Clock Speed Room and attempted to assassinate Daemon, but failed and were infected.


  • The clock speed is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz) at which a computer performs its most basic operations such as adding two numbers or transferring a value from one processor register to another.