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ReBoot Character
Format Robot
First Appearance ReBoot: Countdown to Chaos
Hobby Exterminating
Catchphrase "Are you the one they call, the Guardian?"
Voice Actor David Horner
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"I am Clash. My orders are to exterminate you, once and for all!" - Clash

Clash is a robot owned by Megabyte and built by his father. The only appearance of the large robot is in the video game ReBoot: Countdown to Chaos.

Clash appears in chapter five of the game. The scene starts in Silicon Tor, where Megabyte decides to go to Plan B and "release the family heirloom". Large blast doors open up revealing the menacing robotic figure of Clash. Its orders are now to exterminate the guardian Bob, once and for all.

Clash breaking up

Failing the scenario or unable to stop Clash, shows a teenage sprite kneeling before Megabyte, grinning; it is Enzo with the exact look and outfit from Identity Crisis, Part 2. Captain Quirk who has been taken captive exclaims "You took out his frontal chip, you barbarian! Soylent green is Enzo!" causing the virus to laugh maniacally. Winning the stage results in Clash suffering a critical error and decompile. He explodes into three; Hack and Slash making up his entire body; while Scuzzy was formerly its head. Bob is now being congratulated by all the citizens at Floating Point Park, standing approvingly as he gives the thumbs up. On another island from a black limousine, Megabyte is glaring angrily at the scene through small binoculars.

Clash is now broken into two separate robots which introduce themselves to the virus as Hack and Slash, complaining about a "splitting headache". Hack admits Bob beat them fair and square, while Slash argues "it should have been a split decision". Both joke that their boss was beaten as well, causing a wrathful Megabyte to dismantle them.

According to the game's manual, Clash was "an heirloom locked in Megabyte's emergency vault. Clash was assembled by Kilobyte, Megabyte's father, and supplied with an extensive arsenal and high-speed engine."