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Circuit Racing Cube

Circuit Racing is a popular game played in Mainframe by the cities inhabitants. It is unknown if the User has ever downloaded a circuit racing Game Cube.

A Circuit Ball

Enzo Circuit Racing

The game field is on a large floating cube with circuit chips on its surface. The game is played on both the inside and outside of the cube as the chips will flip randomly. The players drive special race cars across the surface while chasing a colorful floating ball that glides across the field. If a players car is moving across a chip as it flips they will end up on the inside of the cube. The game ball can be flipped by the chips and end up in the inside of the cube as well. When their car drives over the edge of the cube, the car automatically moves onto the next side of the cube without falling off. All players wear racing helmets for protection.

Starting Line

The goal is to catch the ball with the players car. In order to do this a player will chase down the ball and pull up on the steering wheel to lift the front of their car, revealing a catching pad. While moving they must make contact with the ball to win the game. However, if they fail to catch the ball and do not put down their catching pad before they reach the edge of the cube, they will fall off of the cube and float away, disqualifying the player.

Dot Matrix had planned for Enzo Matrix to attend an ancient language class, however Bob took Enzo circuit racing and lost track of time. The game was apparently very heated as they referred to several events including a major wipeout. Dot and Bob argued about this, as Dot saw it as extremely irresponsible, and Bob saw her as uptight and boring. The two stopped talking, upsetting Enzo and several others. Enzo attempted to get Bob to come back to see them, and tried to influence him to come back by asking who would take him Jet Balling or Circuit Racing. Bob told him how Dot probably believed that doing that would send Enzo's entire life off track. (The TIFF)

Bob Circuit Racing

Game Tie

A year later, Bob took Enzo circuit racing when he was to keep Enzo distracted so that Dot could plan a talent night for his birthday. They both had a great time playing, but the first game ended in a tie with Enzo, Bob, and two binomes catching the ball at the same time. They decided to have a rematch and reset the game. (Talent Night)


  • This game was not given a name on screen during the episode Talent Night. However, Enzo did mention playing a game named Circuit Racing during the episode The TIFF. Unless the game was never shown on screen, this is the only recreational game seen on the show that could possibly be Circuit Racing.