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Chuck Johnson

Chuck Johnson was a Senior Vice President of Production for ReBoot.

Starting out as a character animator, Johnson worked on every aspect of the animation production process while at Mainframe Entertainment, and his resume includes several episodic and feature-length productions, including "Casper's Haunted Christmas", Hasbro's "Transformers: Beast Machines" and "Action Man", as well as Mattel's "Barbie in The Nutcracker". During his tenure at Mainframe Inc, Johnson fulfilled the roles of Supervising Animator, Series Technical Director, Director and Department Head of Animation. In this last role, he was in charge of managing more than 140 animators, as well as overseeing animation operations.

After leaving Mainframe, Johnson was recruited to head up The Vancouver Film School's 3-D Animation and Visual Effects program, where he transitioned the department from a 10-month certificate program to a 12-month diploma program. As Department Head, Johnson was responsible for the creation and delivery of all curriculum and course structure, hiring and managing instructional staff and instructing and mentoring a student body that numbered more than 150.

In the fall of 2002, Johnson was approached by Asaph "Ace" Fipke to help build a studio capable of significantly raising the bar in 3-D animated television production. The realization of this vision can be seen in Nerd Corps' Gemini award-winning animation series, "Dragon Booster", as well as the company's newest in-house properties, "Storm Hawks" and "Team Awethum!!!!".

Now the Co-Founder of 'Nerd Corps Entertainment', Chuck "Dungeon Master" Johnson heads up all production and studio operations. For the past decade, Johnson has experienced and studied just about every angle of CG animation production. His technical and creative expertise, coupled with his team building and management skills, has played an integral part in assembling Nerd Corps' highly talented team of artists and technicians, and creating one of the industry's most productive and dynamic animation pipelines.