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Christy Marx

Christy Marx was a storywriter for ReBoot helping to develop season three episodes Icons, The Return of The Crimson Binome and The Edge of Beyond.

Christy Marx (b c.1952) grew up in Danville, Illinois and is an American writer, director and a photographer. She has written scripts for various episodes of TV-series, mainly for kids' shows such as "Jem" where the villain Eric Raymond was apparently named by her after her brother. She has acted as Story Editor/Creative Consultant for other long running series including "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "Conan the Adventurer", "G.I. Joe", "Hypernauts", "Mighty Max", "Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars", "Captain Power", "Pocket Dragon Adventures", "Shadow Raiders" and many others. She is known for her original comic book series "Sisterhood of Steel" as well as work on "Conan", "Red Sonja", and "Elfquest".

She is also a game designer, making her debut with "Conquests of Camelot" and following it with "Conquests of the Longbow". She wrote the game bible and most dialogue for "The Legend of Alon D'ar" for the PlayStation2 console, and has worked on PC, console and MMO games. She has written the "Babylon 5" episode 'Grail' which, like Camelot, has to do with the discovery of the Holy Grail.

In 2000, Christy became the first woman to receive the 'Animation Writers Caucus Animation Award' (established in 1998) from the "Writers Guild of America" for her contributions to the field of animation writing.

Her husband Peter Ledger, an illustrator, sadly died in a car accident. The computer game "Conquests of Camelot" and the "Sisterhood of Steel" graphic novel featured examples of his art. Christy's best friend and co-writer on several TV productions was fellow ReBoot writer, Katherine Lawrence who later tragically committed suicide in 2004.

As of 2006, Christy wrote an episode for the new updated "Biker Mice from Mars" animated series.

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