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Chris Welman

Chris Welman was an animator, executive and the Director of Software Development for ReBoot.

Chris was married to Mairi Welman, another employee who served as the Director of Communications.

Welman is a renowned software guru who has had vast experience working in CGI and computer technology; spanning various businesses throughout the public and private sector. He started his career in the animation industry on October 1993 as the Vice President and Chief Technical Officer of Mainframe Entertainment Inc., when they originally had just six staff members, including those from "The Hub". Chris wrote programming code, modeled, animated, ran cables, contributed to ReBoot episode scripts, set up a mocap studio and brought in IPO investors. He worked with various creative people until eventually the studio grew into a large company employing over 300 people. Once Mainframe ceased to be a publicly-owned company in August 2001, Chris Welman left, after working there for almost 8 years to pursue other opportunities.

Along with other animators and modellers who used to work at Mainframe Entertainment, Chris joined "Electronic Arts" (Canada) in October 2001, then-employing somewhere between 5000 and 10,000 people, as an Additional Engineer to learn how console video games were published. He rose to Technical Director on the "NBA Live" basketball franchise, shipping 5 titles in 3 years across Xbox, PS2, GameCube and PC platforms.

After three years in the computer games industry, Welman became Electronic Arts' (Canada) Sr. CG Supervisor in November 2004 as part of core team established to centralize Next-Generation art production for the EA Sports division. He was responsible for art workflows and pipelines for character modeling, environment modeling, and lighting until November 2006.

Chris Welman is presently the Director of Technology for private company "Nexon Publishing", the North American division of Korean gaming giant "NEXON Corporation", a developer of online games and MMORPGs (Massively multiplayer online role-playing game).