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Megabyte infects devices in the real world with a Cat Virus so The Sourcerer can launch a larger attack to bring down The Net and break into Pogo Computer Systems to steal a computer.


Reeling from his failed attack in Resurrection The Sourcerer comes up with a new plan to bring down The Net.

In Cyberspace Megabyte is programming a Cat Virus and settling in at Fortress Command. The Sourcerer contacts him and tells him to provide a distraction and Megabyte has one. The Sourcerer tells Megabyte not to fail him and Megabyte tells Alpha Sentinel to take Cat Virus and dump him in a Data Stream.

In the real world D-Frag is having a chat with his father. His GPA has dropped and if he fails coding class he will be kicked off the basketball team and will be expelled from school for flunking. D-Frag heads inside and sits down next to Vera, Vector, Googz, and Enigma in class and watch Enigma's new music video when suddenly The Net goes down. Cat Virus is in a data stream and has infected all their devices with rude kitten videos.

The Guardians head into Room Zero and Vera makes an odd remark that she wants to eat Cat Virus but changes her mind and gives the Guardians their mission. The Guardians need to find Cat Virus and get him out of any data stream hubs he is in and trap him. Once he is caught the Guardians need to turn him over to DIS so he can be taken to Virusylum to be deleted.

The Guardians head to Cyberspace and the Codec drops them off at a data stream hub. Inside the data stream hub Cat Virus is infecting every sprite he can get his paws on. The Guardians chase him down but Cat Virus jumps into the data stream and Vector goes after it on his Zip Board.

In the real world Sourcerer is making his move. The detraction is all he needs to break into Pogo Computer Systems.

Back in Cyberspace Megabyte is targeting a security hub. Several security drones have gone down and he has already breached two firewalls. Back at the data stream hub The Guardians are still chasing Cat Virus and he has infested another hub. Vector is still in the stream as the Guardians corner kitty. Vector comes out of the stream spooking Cat Virus who jumps on D-Frag. The Guardians nab Cat Virus and take him back to the Codec where Vera scans him. Vera tells them that the virus was made by Megabyte and has his code and that it was a distraction.

Back in the real world Sourcerer has broken into Pogo Computer Systems his plan is to steal the Nova-X3J a super computer with 100,000 terabyte cores.

In Room Zero trouble alarms go off. Megabyte has launched his attack on the security hub and if the firewalls go down Sourcerer will break in.

Back in Cyberspace The Guardians get ready to go after Megabyte but D-Frag finally tells the truth he needs to pass his coding test or he will be kicked off the team and expelled for flunking. Vector makes his decision D-Frag will have to sit this one out so the rest of the Guardians head to the security hub to stop Megabyte. On the way the Guardians test their new vehicles. Googz is given a Quadra Disc, Enigma is given a Stealth Glider, and D-Frag is given his Turbo Jets. The Guardians arrive at the security hub but they are too late Megabyte destroys the second firewall and goes to attack the core Pogo is disabled.

In the real world Sourcerer breaks into the lab and snatches the Nova and makes his escape.

Back in Cyberspace the Guardians are still fighting Megabyte and make their plans to restore the firewalls. Megabyte makes his retreat and tells them he completed his mission and shouts "Until We Meet Again Guardians!" With Megabyte in retreat the Guardians return to the Codec and Cat Virus coughs up a Memory Sphere. Vera analyzes it and D-Frag leaves to take his test while the Guardians head to Virusylum to hand over kitty. At Virusylum the DIS security drones are waiting for them and Cat Virus is booked into custody and transferred to a cell inside Virusylum to await deletion.

Back in Room Zero the Guardians are watching the news and Googz tells them about the Nova. With the Nova Sourcerer can launch an untraceable attack and bring down The Net and the Guardians will not know until it is too late. On a positive note D-Frag has passed his test and his GPA has been upgraded to 3.0 he is still on the team and still in school. Vera says it will take time to decrypt the Memory Sphere but she says it will not take long. Suddenly Enigma starts sneezing Vera has brought a stray cat into Room Zero and Enigma is allergic to cats. D-Frag identifies the cat and tells Vera to return him to his owner. Vector takes the cat back to his owner and Vera starts to unlock the memory sphere.


This is the first episode where one of the memory spheres is recovered.