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Castles and Knights
System Loaded Into Mainframe
User Form Silver Knight
Genre Fantasy/Adventure
Winner System Wins
Appearance The Quick and the Fed
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Castles and Knights is a Game that the User has loaded into Mainframe.

User: knight

The User's form is a silver armored knight with no face. The goal is to rescue the damsel in distress in the castle tower. Each knight in the Game has to try to rescue her. There are flying dragons that can be ridden to the castle. Battles can take place between the knights all throughout the Game. Game sprites guard the castle, inside and out.

Bob rebooted

Bob was caught in this Game while trying to deliver some slow food to Dot Matrix after she was partially erased by a magnet. The Game Cube had landed on Dot's Diner and trapped Dot and Enzo Matrix in the Game as well.

Bob fighting skeleton game sprite

Bob and User on a dragon

Bob rebooted as a knight. As soon as he rebooted he heard Dot's voice calling for help. The User knocked him down and went for a dragon keep. Bob and the User both grabbed a dragon, and headed for the castle. After a dragon-joust with the User, Bob entered the castle by breaking through a window. There, he fought a skeleton Game Sprite and defeated it. Unfortunately, when he got to the tallest tower, he was disappointed to find the damsel was really Enzo (the dress was so tall, his legs dangled in the air, immobilizing him). Dot appeared, already cured, and rebooted as a knight, busily trying to hack the User to pieces. Too surprised to ask questions, Bob helped. Finally, the User was defeated when Enzo threw his megaphone at him and knocked him out the window.

Enzo rebooted

The User's form in this Game was saved as undeleted RAM. After the Viral Wars, Mainframe began to crash. All undeleted RAM was released into the system, including the User from the Castles and Knights Game. (System Crash)