A CPU Bazooka is a portable rocket launcher used by CPUs of Mainframe. The weapon is not used as often as the CPU Handgun, but has seen action in both the Viral Wars and the Net War.

As a shoulder-launched missile weapon, the Bazooka is a weapon that fires a projectile at a target over a wide range, yet is still small enough to be carried around by a single Sprite or Binome, and can be fired while held on one's shoulder. These rocket propelled projectiles explode upon impact with great destructive power.

During the Viral Wars, Hexadecimal turned on Megabyte and began attacking the defenceless Principal Office with the Hardware superweapon, if her attack succeeded she would have destroyed the Core, bringing about the annihilation of the entire system. Dot and Mouse decided to take a the battle to the virus'. A squad of ten Binomes welding Bazookas accompanied them. Fortunately Hexadecimal, so eager to destroy the Principal Office, was oblivious to the incoming Game Cube above her. When it struck the Hardware its charged energy and the Game's own energy were force-fed back into her, the Hardware exploded, nearly deleting Hex. (To Mend and Defend)

Ironically, towards the latter stages of the Viral Wars the Bazooka was used again by the Mainframe Rebellion to fire upon their own Principal Office that Megabyte now controlled. After the ABC army was obliterated by the crashing Saucy Mare, they fired the weapons upon the facility, some of the rounds deleted the viral gunners defending the building. (Showdown)

After the threat of Daemon and her Net-wide infection had passed, Matrix used Lost Angles as a training ground. However he forced the CPUs to attack him with live ammo, not blanks. The CPU officers were worried that on several occasions they nearly hit him, and even more worried at what Matrix would do to them if they didn't try to hit him. AndrAIa arrived on the island and quickly put a stop to the madness. (My Two Bobs)

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