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Buzzy's Recording

Buzzy's Recording was the audio post-production company that recorded the dialogue for ReBoot Seasons 2 and 3.

"Founded over 35 years ago in Los Angeles, Ca., to serve the needs of the entertainment and related industries, Buzzy's Recording enjoys a well-deserved reputation for integrity and consistency [...] as pioneers in IDSN technology Buzzy's were the first to fully implement Source-Connect on a worldwide basis. Many clients from motion pictures, radio and television count on Buzzy's for their experience, innovation and consistency."

"Buzzy's Recording prides itself on offering a creative, unpretentious environment for voice talent and producer alike. The facility is often the "first call" that its loyal clients make for recording, advice, technical information and referrals."

"Over the years, the facility has been the site of recording for some of the best known figures in the entertainment industry, in a wide cross section of "voices" that range from classic: Mel Blanc, Lorenzo Music, Orson Welles and James Earl Jones to current: Linda Hunt, Keith David, Billy West and Danny Mann."

"Recent clients have included all of the major television and cable networks from ABC, CBS News and PBS, to the Discovery Channel, Food Network, The History Channel [...] and many other household names."

"For over two decades, projects have included animated voices for "The Lion King", "Peanuts" and "Garfield and Friends" for over ten years. Documentary include 'Auschwitz: The Nazi's and the Final Solution' for BBC/KCET, "California and the American Dream", "Red Tail Reborn" and so on.

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