Bunnyfoot is a viral one binome that was either built out of parts of other binomes, or destroyed and put back together. His top cube has only his left arm attached, the middle cube has his eye and right arm, the bottom cube has his legs and mouth, he has no visible icon. One foot is a brick and the other is a bunny slipper, hence his name. Bunnyfoot is a servant of Megabyte and assists Herr Doktor. He is incapable of speech, but does grunt and laugh sometimes.

Bunnyfoot has helped Herr Doktor to construct the Gateway Command Generator, rebuild and torture Hexadecimal, and torture Phong for information.

When Mainframe was shutting down, Bunnyfoot tried to escape with Herr Doktor, but they were found by Hexadecimal. She used her powers, and a rolling pin, to turn them into cookies. They were later restored, probably along with the rest of Mainframe.

The next year, Bunnyfoot returned to Megabyte's service along with Herr Doktor and several former members of his military. When they were attacked by Bob, Matrix and a small group of CPUs, Megabyte copied the appearance of several viral binomes, ending with Bunnyfoot.


  • His name is never stated on the show proper, but has been revealed in official material.
  • Some fans use another name for Bunnyfoot, calling him Frankenbinome. A correct in-universe name would be Frankenome.
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