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Brenda Painter (credited as B. F. Painter) was Production Manager for ReBoot Season Three.

Brenda Painter has been a Producer and Production manager for the past eight years. She completed twenty-six episodes of Shadowraiders/War Planets with Mainframe Entertainment and was also the Production Manager on Reboot, season three. In the past few years, Brenda's focus has shifted to Post production on several MOWs, working on such titles as Air Bud: Spikes Back, The Snow Walker and Pursued. She also found time to production manage the Kickstart project, Once Upon a Time on the Beach.

Brenda's first foray into producing independent film was the critically acclaimed short film Code. Code has been broadcast on both the CBC and Space: The Imagination Station. The Agent reunites the same team that created Code. Brenda is currently in development on several feature projects.

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