A Bpeg is an older form of shrink ray. The device fires a beam that reduces, or compresses, the space available data takes up, effectively shrinking it. This can work on objects and people. It is not as advanced as a Data Compression Command, but is still effective.

Phong had a Bpeg in the Principal Office, he knew it was an older form of technology, but it wasn't used often so it hadn't been upgraded recently. Phong used it to compress Bob so that he could go inside Enzo Matrix's head to stop Megabyte's team of Mouse, Hack, and Slash, from taking over Enzo's brain using a Neural Matrix Scrambler. (The Great Brain Robbery)

References[edit | edit source]

  • It is unknown what a Bpeg is in reference to computers, however there are Jpeg image files and Mpeg music files in computers.
  • An example of Bpeg compression in use is the Atari Jaguar - who also provide the following definition:

"Compression is performed with BPEG, an enhanced JPEG image decompression mechanism. BPEG supersedes the former JagPEG algorithm, working up to 10 times faster and with more flexibility."


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