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Bob's Car

Bob's Car is a 262 classic red convertible hover car. It is unknown when Bob got the car, but the engine never worked right. He was often seen trying to get the car to start, much less run correctly. When the car was running the engine made a sputtering noise as the car moved. When the car refused to start Bob used a Zip Board to get around Mainframe. Bob always did all the repairs himself saying that it was tradition, Guardians don't ask for help mending something.

Dot and Enzo in Bob's Car

As the Medusa Bug was infecting Mainframe, it grew closer to Bob, Dot, and Enzo. Bob struggled with his car to get it started so they could get away from the bug, it finally managed to start with Enzo and Glitch's help. Bob jumped in the back and Dot drove them away just before the viral bug reached them. They quickly went to the Principal Office to talked to Phong about the Medusa. (The Medusa Bug)

Bob's Car in Road Warrior Game

Bob's car went into a corupted Game Cube with him when Mainframe's Core Energy was stolen by Megabyte. The car received tires in the Game and became a road warrior vehicle. It's engine still didn't work right and left Bob stranded along the road. He had to be picked up in Enzo's in his small Air Kart turned go cart. (Bad Bob)

The V3 Bike

Bob traded in his car for a red V3 Bike just before Hexadecimal infected the system paint program and began painting Mainframe. She melted all transport, including Bob's new bike. He soon was seen driving his car again. (Painted Windows)

Enzo and AndrAIa in Bob's Car

After Bob was shot into the Web by Megabyte, his car passed to Enzo. He used it to transport himself and AndrAIa to incoming Game Cubes. They were escorted there by CPU fighters. (Game Over)

Bob's Car upgraded

Just prior to the Net War with the Super Virus Daemon, Bob's car was given an upgrade. It was given bigger thrusters, a weapons array, and it was painted dark blue. The engine still didn't work right, continuing to make the sputtering noise. Hexadecimal used Bob's car to transport him to the Sub-Sphere's portal generator after she lost her powers and Bob was't feeling well. (Daemon Rising)

Dot also used Bob's Car to take her and Hexadecimal to Lost Angles to see if they could locate her nullified father, Welman Matrix. (Cross Nodes)

Bob's Car